who knew?

No, I haven't posted here for ages, but this is really the only venue where those who might be interested will see this, so....

I just discovered that Cassandra Claire, whilom Harry Potter fanfic writer, now lives in my town.

It's spring! It's spring!

I heard the peepers tonight - spring is HERE!

So this is very exciting. It's also a bit disturbing, since I shouldn't be hearing the peepers for at least three more weeks....
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an interesting essay on why (some) Americans insist there is no Climate Change

"The American 'allergy' to Global Warming"

"But the headline on the 1975 report was bold: "Are We on the Brink of a Pronounced Global Warming?" And this article that coined the term may have marked the last time a mention of "global warming" didn't set off an instant outcry of angry denial.

In the paper, Columbia University geoscientist Wally Broecker calculated how much carbon dioxide would accumulate in the atmosphere in the coming 35 years, and how temperatures consequently would rise. His numbers have proven almost dead-on correct. Meanwhile, other powerful evidence poured in over those decades, showing the "greenhouse effect" is real and is happening. And yet resistance to the idea among many in the U.S. appears to have hardened."

I don't understand why people insist on acting like ostriches. Heads in the sand doesn't work for them, and it doesn't work for us, either. Plus, it makes us look silly. And everyone's backside looks fat in a posture like that.

enough! genug! basta!

From wwlp.com:

Snowfall so far this season & records:

November: 0.2"
December: 6.7"
January: 40.5" - A new record!!
Total: 47.4"

Seasonal Average (Dec, Jan, Feb): 36.4"

Yearly average: 49.4"

Monthly record: 48.0" (March, 1956)

Seasonal record: 107.7" (1996)

and 12-24" forecast for Tuesday through Wednesday night.


Snow like we mean it

20" as of noon. That's a true New England snowfall - and I haven't seen one for way too long. Who needs an elliptical trainer when there's that much snow to slog through to feed and water the animals?

Ok, tried to link images here, and they came out huge. If you want to see pix, try my blog: blessedacre.blogspot.com/2011/01/snow-like-we-mean-it.html

Stay warm and dry, folks!

Oh - got two more mice overnight.
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