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It's spring!

At last, at long last, it's really spring. How do I know this, you wonder? I heard the peepers singing! Last night, for the first time, I heard the peepers. *sighs blissfully* I'm so glad!

I also acquired many pots of spring bulbs today from the Smith College Bulb Show. They were cheep cheep! I got grape hyacinths, full-size hyacinths (which smell better than anything else on earth, except maybe a newborn baby or chocolate), several colors and shapes of daffodils, and a bunch of tulips. The only tulips I had in my landscape were from Easters past, when I'd order tulips for the sanctuary at church and would bring them home and plant them afterward. These tulips I got today are stunning - pinks, yellows, yellow and pinks, purple and white, lavender... amazing. Now as soon as I get the drainage trench dug, done, and the yard put back together, I can plant these. I'll be removing an azalea, a rhododendron, a couple of pierus japonicus (sp?) and several boxwoods. Anybody local want them?

Also looking forward to, in no particular order, planting more raspberry canes, putting in four more apple trees and two more peach trees, replacing the above-mentioned foundation plants with blueberry bushes, two litters of baby bunnies due on/about 25 April, and ordering two dozen chicks.
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